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  • Hoogste kwaliteit Matcha herkennen?

    BLOG #31: How to know if the matcha you purchased is good quality matcha?

    There are many different types and qualities of matcha on the market. We regularly get the question how you now know what is and is not a good quality matcha. There are several factors that determine the quality of matcha and where you can recognize the quality. In this blog we zoom in on this. …

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  • Detoxen met groene thee

    BLOG #13: Detoxing with HUG THE TEA!

    Detoxing with the teas of HUG THE TEA! Detoxing with green tea of HUG THE TEA! Something different than the detox course of the Green Happiness, perhaps well-known? But what does detoxing actually mean? And what makes detoxing so important? In this blog we discuss about detoxing and we will share our greatest discoveries about …

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  • Matcha milkshake

    BLOG #23: Matcha Milkshake

    With Matcha, the possibilities are truly endless. We already shared recipes with Matcha Latte, pancakes, no cheesecake and Matcha green iced tea. This time we made a delicious Matcha Milkshake! Are you curious? Check out the recipe here! We chose to make Matcha Milkshake with soy milk, deliciously airy, light and skinny. At HUG THE …

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  • matcha challenge

    BLOG #30: The Superfood Matcha

    Superfoods are all the hype nowadays. With a new wave of consciousness towards health, wellness and good nutrition, one element that sticks out in conversation is the power of superfoods. Superfoods have no official classification, however, there are a few aspects that generally determine their status. Firstly, foods considered healthy superfoods have an extraordinarily high …

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  • Iced Matcha Latte

    BLOG #29: How to make an Iced Matcha Latte?

    It is currently the ‘bestseller’ in our matcha bar: the Iced Matcha Latte, the cold version of the Matcha Latte. But, how do you make a nice Iced Matcha Latte at home? Requirements: Bamboo whisk – chasen Bamboo measuring spoon – chashaku Matcha bowl – chawan Milk frother Ice cubes Glass Straw Possibly a small …

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  • Matcha green iced tea

    BLOG #22: Matcha Green Iced Tea

    During the Dutch Tea Festival (last weekend, May 28 2017) we gave a seminar about Matcha in the afternoon. It was a hot day (almost 30 degrees!), so we had a big Kilner tap with fresh Matcha Green Iced Tea with us. After the seminar, everyone could taste the iced tea. There were several people who …

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  • Matcha Latte

    BLOG #3: The benefits of green tea…

    In this blog, we want to share what we have discovered in the past six months about green tea. We are open now more than four months with our teabar in The Hague and several customers are coming back with positive messages about what green tea is doing with them. You can think of health …

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  • BLOG #1: Making of Matcha in Japan

    In this first blog we will talk about the green tea powder: MATCHA. This green tea comes from Japan, where it is already drunk for centuries, especially during Japanese tea ceremonies. In New York City is a real MatchaBar where they do all kind of things with this green powder tea. Matcha begins to get …

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  • matcha choco granola bar

    BLOG #28: Matcha Granola & Chocolate Bars

    Are you crazy about Matcha ?! We at least and we always like to make new Matcha goodies. If you like it, we also offer it in our teabar (Oude Molstraat, The Hague). This time we made Matcha granola bars (own recipe) and Matcha chocolate bars (recipe from: Citroen & Vanilla). Both the granola bars …

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  • matcha green smoothie

    BLOG #27: Matcha Green Smoothie

    Besides that you can drink Matcha pure, you can also blend with it. For example in a milkshake, matcha latte, matcha smoothiebowl and smoothie. In our matcha bar in the Hague you can also order these matcha drinks and bowls. Here we share the recipe for the Matcha Green Smoothie. Ingredients: – 1/2 banana – …

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