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Buy Matcha green tea powder?

HUG THE TEA sells 3 different types of Matcha. Ceremonial Matcha is the best to drink tea as Matcha. Premium Matcha is delicious in a smoothie and also to make a Matcha Latte. In contrast, Classic Matcha can best be used for baking. The difference in quality comes because Ceremonial Matcha is made from the first picking leaf. Moreover, this Matcha powder is ground stone. Matcha Classic is made from third pick tea leaves and is machine ground. This makes Ceremonial Matcha taste much fuller, more grassy, creamier and sweeter than Classic Matcha. How is Matcha made? First of all, the best leaves are picked. Finally the tea leaves are steamed and dried to prevent oxidation and finally the leaves are milled very slowly. In short, the tastiest Matcha from HUG THE TEA