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Organic Yuzu Matcha Sencha is a mixed Japanese green tea made from green tea (Sencha), Yuzu and ground green tea leaf (Matcha). The taste of this extraordinary tea can be described as: citrus, grassy, and fresh.
50g (100% organic & pure)


Organic Yuzu Matcha Sencha – Japanese tea – From Japan

Yuzu Matcha Sencha is a mixed tea made from green tea (Sencha), Yuzu citrus and Matcha green tea powder. The yuzu gives this green tea a delicious fresh citrus-like taste. Also delightful as iced tea.

All Japanese tea from Hug the Tea is 100% organic, without sugar and fragrances and dyes. Did you know that Sencha is one of the most drunk teas among locals in Japan?

Features Yuzu Matcha Sencha – Hug the Tea

  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Harvest: first pick – spring
  • Ingredients: organic Sencha (62%), Matcha (3%) Yuzu (35%)
  • Taste: citrus, grassy, fresh, slightly sweet umami

1. Preparation Yuzu Matcha Sencha – Warm





2. Preparation Yuzu Matcha Sencha – Iced Tea

Put 2-4 grams of Yuzu Matcha Sencha in a teapot. Add 250 ml of cold water and let the tea sit for at least 15 minutes (in the refrigerator). Then serve the tea in a big glass with ice cubes and add a slice of lime or orange to decorate.


Weight 0.05 kg

50g, 100g

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