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Long Matcha Whisk – Chasen


Long Matcha bamboo whisk, also called ‘chasen’ in Japan, is a traditional bamboo whisk you can use by preparing a Matcha tea or Matcha Latte. You use the bamboo whisk in combination with the bamboo spoon and a Matcha bowl.

Read here more about Matcha and how to make Matcha.

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Long Matcha Bamboo Whisk – Chasen

Extra long Matcha bamboo whisk, called ‘chasen’ in Japan, is a traditional brush to prepare a Matcha teahot. You use this whisk in combination with a Matcha whisk holderbamboo spoon and a Matcha bowl. The price is excl. the holder.

This handmade brush has a very fine structure and in this way you can get the Matcha very foamy by whisking it.

There is also a small whisk available for €14,95.

Use Matcha Whisk

Beat 1/2 gram of matcha and 60ml of water (80 degrees) for a maximum of 20 seconds in a quick W-movement. Try not to touch the bottom while whisking. Add a little warm water after aferwards.


Dishwasher safe: no
Cleaning: clean after use with lukewarm water (do not use soap or hot water)
Optional: let the whisk dry on a matcha whisk holder

Read here more to know how to make a Matcha teashot!

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