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These Matcha Macarons  are made with our Cooking Matcha and the filling is made of white chocolate ganache with Matcha, an amazing combination! It’s a big success in our teabar.

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Matcha… The Green Tea Pow(d)er!

You can drink it pure, or like a latte (green cappuccino), add it to your smoothie, yoghurt etc.

But you can also cook and bake with Matcha. Matcha cake, madeleines, cakeroll and much more!!!

And now we do have: Matcha Macarons!!!

These Matcha Macarons are so delicious! It’s a big success in our teabar. The macarons are made with our Classic Matcha – Cooking grade C and the topping is made of white chocolate with Matcha, an amazing combination! One box contains 8 or 10 macarons.

BBD = 5 days out of the fridge. 2 weeks in the fridge.


6, 8, 10

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