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 HUG THE TEA is run by the two sisters: Claire & Lisa, ‘the Tea Sisters’. In 2015 they started HUG THE TEA and opened the first Matcha Tea Bar & Store in The Hague, The Netherlands. After three years they moved to a more spacious location nearby and they slowly expanded their team.

Get to know our ‘Hug the Team’ a little better …

Claire hug the teaC L A I R E

co-founder & manager

Hi, I’m Claire. In our business I focus on Social Media & PR. I am also committed to various events, fun collaborations and fairs. I don’t like coffee, but I drink at least one Matcha (latte) per day. It gives me energy for the day and it makes me feel fit! Recommended!

Lisa hug the teaL I S A

co-founder & manager

Hi! I’m Lisa. I have passion for entrepreneurship and like the entire process from the Japanese tea farmer (export) to the Tea en Matcha products (marketing & sales). I also like the contact with our customers. My fave drink is Ceremonial Matcha tea. The health benefits of Matcha still fascinate me every day. I love it so matcha!

yumeko hug the teaY U M E K O

head kitchen & workshops

Hi, I’m Yumeko and work as a tearista and cook delicious meals for you to enjoy at HUG THE TEA. I also provide matcha workshops in the café for small and bigger groups. If you meet me at the bar, ask me anything about our Japanese teas and matcha. My favorite drink is a simple iced matcha tea.

mah hug the teaM A H D O K H T

head bar & tea packer

Hi, I’m Mahdokht. As tearista I serve you particular Matcha Drinks with love. Managing our Bar is part of my job + to have a nice flow with my colleagues. Also, at HTT Filling House, I carefully fill matcha bags for the shop and supermarkets. I love to host you and I am always open to hear your feedback!


main host

Hi, I’m Lisa Nix. Working at HUG THE TEA as host. I grew up in Shizuoka, Japan, which is known for the famous tea gardens. My favorite tea is Guricha (from Kyushu).

sakura teaS A K U R A

host & tearista

Hi I’m Saku and I am a tearista at Hug the Tea. I, along with a few others in the team, am also Japanese, so I love the fact that I can showcase a part of my culture whilst working abroad. Oh and my favorite drink is an iced matcha latte (since I was a kid).

C jansenC L A I R E

cook & tearista

Hi! I’m Claire and I cook in the kitchen and am a tearista at Hug the Tea. When I lived in Japan, I loved how there were always good green teas available, and I’m glad I can drink them again here! My favorite drinks are an iced matcha latte with coconut milk and Genmaicha.



Hey! I’m Leia, and I work at Hug the Tea as Host and tearista. In my family we have always drank a lot of tea, and I love discovering new tea blends.   To keep me happy and energized for my shift, I like to have a matcha latte with soy milk, but I also love the Guricha loose leaf tea for moments of relaxation.



host & facility

Hi, I’m Ausra, a Lithuanian spatial designer currently organising numerous Neo-futuristic Walks in various cities across Europe. Between my projects I like to make matcha and spread the word about the best qualities of Japanese teas. My favourite drinks are matcha latte and houjicha latte with honey.


When they started with Hug the Tea automatically they started to drink Japanese green tea and matcha daily and they found that it had many health benefits for them.

Sister Lisa was dealing with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) for years. Since she started to drink matcha she felt such a relief in her belly (within three weeks!). Now she drinks it twice a day and the sympthoms are away!

Also Claire was dealing with so much pain and bloating in her belly, since she got an intestinal infection in 2024 in Africa. After many examinations at the hospital, it was still unclear what it was. Without knowing so much about matcha, she started drinking it and after 2-3 weeks she had no more complaints anymore!

Since then their quote is:
a matcha a day keeps the doctor away!

Since Claire and Lisa opened their Matcha Tea Bar & Store in The Hague many customers also came back with different positive experiences regarding the effect and benefits of the organic matcha. Some examples: much more energy (someone with autoimmune disease), more relaxed and less stress, more vital and many more stories with health benefits.