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tea sisters hug the tea


 HUG THE TEA is run by the two sisters: Claire & Lisa, also called ‘the Tea Sisters’. Five years ago we started to drink Japanese green tea and matcha daily. Lisa was dealing with IBS for years. She had extremely abdominal cramps and was very tired. Since she started with matcha she felt such a relief in her belly and the matcha gave here energy. Now she drinks it twice a day and the sympthoms are away.

Also Claire was dealing with so much pain and bloating in her belly, since she got an intestinal infection in Africa in 2014. After many examinations at the hospital, it was still unclear what it was. Without knowing so much about matcha, she started drinking it and after 2-3 weeks she said: hey I have no more complaints anymore!

Since then our quote is:
a matcha a day keeps the doctor away!

In 2015 Claire and Lisa also opened the first Matcha Tea Bar in the city center of The Hague. Many of the customers came back with different stories about the benefits of our organic matcha. For example:
– more energy (autoimmune disease), more relaxed, more focussed, more vital and many more stories with health benefits.

Get to know the Tea Sisters a little better …

tea sister claire


Hi! I’m Claire, 28 years old. Pregnant of our first baby. With my background in Facility Management I love to develop a new (service)concepts. For HUG THE TEA I’m General manager, focussing on PR.

I don’t drink coffee, but Matcha is a very good coffee-subsitute. I drink Matcha every day pure as a tea or Matcha Latte with oatly milk; I love this a latte! 😉  Matcha green tea powder has also many health benefits!

Also Guricha is one of my favorites. This mild green tea is naturally fruity, honey and soft in taste! Also lovely as an Iced Tea with ginger and lime. Welcome in our bar & store in the Hague to experience and taste our menu with organic teas, brunch, lunch and sweets!

Tea sister Lisa


Hola! I’m Lisa, 26 years old. With my commercial background enterprising is what I like to do. For HUG THE TEA I’m focussing on the Marketing and Sales.

I drink Matcha at least 1 time a day. I like to drink it pure as a teashot (I love this so matcha)! My favorite blend tea is the Kukicha Jasmine; the grassy taste of Sencha and the freshness of Gyokuro goes very well with the jasmine flowers, so all the good cha is coming together!

My other favourite tea is Gyokuro. This superior shade green tea is mild, fresh and super aromatic (full of umami, the fifth taste). It’s also lovely to drink as an Iced Tea! The colder the tea, the milder the taste is. Yum!