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‘the purest or nothing’

Matcha and tea of HUG THE TEA is 100% organic and pure, without any additives.
HUG THE TEA imports matcha directly from Japan. Only the youngest and best leaves are picked from the areas Kagoshima and Miyazaki in the south and Shizuoka, a prefecture southwest of Tokyo. The matcha of HUG THE TEA is very pure and clean and also rich in all kinds of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as EGCg, L-theanin and vitamin C.

HUG THE TEA wants to share the philosophy ‘the purest or nothing’ with the world. It is about offering and presenting genuine tea and matcha, without all kinds of added flavors and sugars. This matcha gives your body a sustainable energy-boost and a positive mind!

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The Tea Sisters, Claire & Lisa